Obeying the voice of God after 14 years of pasturing in The Fire Baptized Holiness Churches of God of the America, Bishop Raynard R. Sumpter, Sr. resigned as an ordained minister in November 1994. Not knowing what lay ahead, he stood on the Wood of God: “I must work the works of him that sent me, while it’s day. The night cometh when no man can work.” st. John 9:4.

On New Year’s Day 1995, United Temple of Praise opened it’s doors at 297 W. Henry St. Spartanburg, Sc. True to its humble beginning, the only seating were hard chairs, tambourines was the only music, and an old music stand was the pulpit. However, Heaven showered us with blessing shortly thereafter. In 2 years in time, the Church received a pulpit set, two keyboard, two organs, a piano, drums and a new van.

God was not through yet. In March of the following year (1996), we were able to move to a lager place 506 West Centennial St, Spartanburg, Sc. Only 11 months after that, in February 1997, we were blessed to purchase the church building and land at our present location, 631 Trimmier St; Spartanburg, SC. Bishop Sumpter’s great vision and financial proficiency led us to be able to pay our church mortgage off in February 2012.

Under the leadership of bishop Raynard R. Sumpter; a man full of wisdom, understanding and compassion for the people of God, Has initiated a specialized programs and outreach ministries designed to enhance and enrich the spiritual and educational growth of our church and community. He formed the seated in heavenly Places, Higher Education Ministry for children getting ready to go to college, and the Food Band Ministry to help those in need.