A Church usher is the first official representative of the Christian Church that anybody sees when they arrive and as such plays an important role in making the people feel welcome to the service. A warm smile handshake or a hug given in love ensures people that you are welcomed  at United Temple of Praise Deliverance Church.

The Usher Board mission is to be representatives of Christ and of our Church as servants and to offer the love of Christ to our guests and welcome them in such a way that they  would be transformed from strangers into friends. They welcome all that come into the Lord’s house and provide the seating and comfort of the congregation at all worship services. Ushers are forerunners, for they prepare the church for the guests by being the first to arrive at the church; they see that the church is in proper condition to receive the guest; they see that hymnals, fans, church literature, collection envelopes, and any other items that are to be distributed to the congregation are in their proper places.